Cloud computing is either the new Web 2.0 or it is at least how that magical new Web will manage to perform all of the miracles that most CIOs dream of happening … soon.  For the geeks in the trenches it is becoming a nightmare; which is really too bad.  The blame for this falls squarely on the shoulders of management so upper that it has it’s head in the cloud already.

For those that have a need to more fully understand cloud computing in a way that could possibly be understood by management, a trip to Ars Technica is recommended.  You will find a very concise definition of Cloud computing as well as a look at its history.  From its origins in client/server applications, through the dawn of distributed computing and how Cloud computing differs from grid computing, it is all covered.  You will even get a look at the various differences in the ‘Something‘ as a Service buzz words actually translate into reality.

“Few terms have been as simultaneously hyped and reviled as “cloud computing,” but there’s definitely more to the phenomenon than just a buzzword and some vague talk of “efficiencies” and “agility.” We’ve put together this short, simple introduction to cloud computing that you can send to your CIO the next time you catch him abusing “the cloud” at a meeting.”

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