It has long been a mantra in the business world that you must always continue to grow your business or you will die.  Most have taken that to heart and began diversifying their businesses, getting into industries they never tried before and moving away from one strong product line into many varied product lines.  Now this is all well and good, many companies have found success in new lines of business and consumer have benefited.  This still does not explain the sudden surge in PC enclosure makers broaching the computer mouse market.  The latest entrant is Cooler Master and their Choiix mouse which you can read about at OverclockersHQ … unless you are holding out for the Tuniq Tower Mouse.

“This is another fine Cooler Master product the Choiix Accu-Mouse. Many wireless mouse have entered the market over the years. This particular one has a few features to discuss. In this review we take a look how this works with our lap top. With real world work and some fun as well. I trust you will find this review enlightening and an aid for you to decide if this is the wireless mouse for you. Let us have a look at this Choiix Accu-Mouse Wireless Optical Mouse.”

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