There were many who felt quite disappointed by MSI’s failure to deliver on their Oct. 29th promise of a Big Bang motherboard featuring Lucid’s Hydravision.  Regardless of the reason behind the delay, Ryan now has hard numbers to show off.  The performance increase that he saw did not live up to the linear scaling that was hoped for, but it certainly provides stiff competition for SLI and Crossfire in performance as well as the ease of usage.  There were some peculiarities when mixing cards from different vendors and some bad news for owners of dual GPU graphics cards which you can read about in the full article at the top of the page.

“Lucid pointed out some newer games that did not yet have any SLI or CrossFire scaling with the latest WHQL drivers from NVIDIA and ATI – we have seen this over the years where it takes time for the GPU vendors to release updated drivers and profiles to get GPU scaling working. In those cases, because Lucid’s software doesn’t require profiles in that sense, the HYDRA solution provided scaling when native options could not. If Lucid’s software team lives up to its claims it could mean day-of-release scaling for any PC title on HYDRA-enabled systems.”

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