ExtremeTech recently published a performance comparison between Vista and Windows 7, comparing the advantages and disadvantages of switching to the new OS.  That made a number of users pipe up; there are many who took one look at Vista and turned their noses up, continuing to happily stick with XP.  They’ve now complied with those users requests and have compared Windows 7 to that old OS stand by.  How do they stack up?  Read on and find out.

“After I compared the performance of Windows 7 with that of Windows Vista, a lot of readers expressed interest in seeing a comparison with the decade-old, but still popular, Windows XP. So I decided to see how each of the three operating systems compared to each other in several crucial categories. Frankly, the results were a bit surprising. While they aren’t a knockout blow for Windows 7, they do show that, by some measures, XP outperforms Windows 7 on legacy hardware.”

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