Highpoint recently announced availability of their SATA3 / SATA 6Gb/s host adapters.  While their introductory price seems a bit high as compared to other offerings we’ve recently reviewed, it is still great to see new tech catching on at full speed.

Their official press release appears after the pic.

Highpoint announces SATA 6Gb/sec add-on host controllers - Storage 2

HighPoint Technologies – an industry pioneer of innovative SATA and SAS RAID host adapter manufacturing, today unleashes the Rocket 600 series – the industry’s first SATA 6Gb/s host adapter based on PCI-Express 2.0 technology. The Rocket 600 series delivers the next generation of SATA performance with robust SATA connectivity and will be available at the beginning of November 2009.


The Rocket 600 series delivers next generation of SATA 6Gb/s performance ideal for smaller storage platforms with single or dual drives. The 2nd generation PCI-Express 2.0 technology offer 500MB/s of throughput that will unleash the maximum performance for SSD drives.


The Rocket 600 series are fully industry standard AHCI (Advanced Host Controller Interface) compliant and deliver Out-of-Box Ready driver less experience for major operating systems. The Rocket 600 series are backward compatible to PCI-Express 1.0 technology and to (SATA 3Gb/s & 1.5Gb/s) devices. They use the same cable and connectors as previous SATA generations to ease integration. 


Pricing and Availability:The MSRP for the Rocket 620 Series is $69.99 and the Rocket 622 is $79.99 They will be available in November 2009. All HighPoint Rocket and RocketRAID products are available through channel distribution partners (Bell Micro, D and H, MaLabs and ASI).

“Upgrade Your System to the Next Generation of SATA Performance”