I’ve been tracking the release and subsequent recall of the new TRIM firmware for the Intel X25-M G2 SSD.  A recent update came from the Intel NAND solutions group to reflect an estimated release date set to happen “by the end of November”.  Given Intel spends a few weeks certifying each new firmware build, it’s very likely they have already isolated the problem and built the new firmware.  The post includes some detail as to what you should do if you have updated (successfully or unsuccessfully) to the new 02HA firmware.

As an additional side note, those running Windows Vista and 7 should note that if you successfully updated your X25-M G2 to 02HA and have been using the SSD Toolbox to manually / additionally TRIM your drive, you may be subject to corrupted System Restore points.  The Intel site contains details on what configurations can cause this issue and they have published a workaround for those in that situation at present.  This corruption won’t happen if you simply stop using the manual optimization feature of the SSD Toolbox.  Intel is working on an updated version of their tool.  I suspect that new tool will likely be made available alongside the updated / fixed TRIM firmware, once released.