Do you have a friend or family member that thinks they are a tweaker, when in fact all they are is a serial hardware murderer?  Someone who swears they’ve never touched the BIOS settings even when you are looking at a DIMM that was overvolted to the point it has almost soldered its self to the motherboard?  You could put a password and a case lock on, but you could also try the Elixir 6GB 1600MHz kit.  Elixir, or Nanya specifically, makes chips that conform to JEDEC standards.  No matter what you do to these DIMMs, there is a maximum speed you will hit a ceiling at and not be able to go any further.  Not the best feature for an experienced overclocker, but great as a way to limit the less experienced while still giving them a little bit of room to let them feel like they’ve accomplished a difficult overclock.  Drop by techPowerUp! for a look.

“Elixir is known for their standard JEDEC modules, usually found in budget and mid-range systems. Their 1600 MHz tri-channel kit tries to give you that same value with a hint of overclockability thrown in the mix, for those who want that magical 1600 MHz speed, while spending as little as possible.”

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