Building PCs isn’t all fun and games you know, some people do it for a living.  One of the hardest and perhaps most rewarding ways to do that is running your own boutique shop.  One forum member is looking for inspiration, reselling HP equipment isn’t really the most exciting way to do business; do you have any suggestions on how to entice people into buying the good hardware, or hints on what pulls you away from the mass produced crap and into the cream of custom built systems.  While we’re on the topic, have you submitted a design to the ASUS Xtreme Design challenge yourself?

Other members are focused on software problems, with a brand new OS you always run into a variety of odd problems along with the benefits.  Even if sometimes it can be hard to pin down the blame on the software and not the hardware.

Also, after a one week hiatus while Ryan travelled the globe, the PC Perspective Podcast is back.  He saw a lot in his travels so this one goes a little over the 1 hour target but there was a lot to cover thanks to all that mileage Ryan logged.