While none of these cards will be shattering 3dMark records, every one is capable of at playing modern games and video at a reasonable rate and all of the cards are $80 or less.  While the more expensive cards dominate the enthusiast level, these inexpensive cards are going to show up in a lot of prebuilt systems.  Why not take advantage and slip one of these four cards into the next ‘cheap as you can make it’ PC you are asked to build. Legion Hardware’s four way lowest of the low shootout is right here.

“The GeForce GT 220 has done very little to mix things up in the low-end market segment, as it fails to offer anything new at its price point of $70 US. Yes, it is an affordable 40nm graphics card, but that bandwagon will only get Nvidia so far. The GeForce GT 220 was superior to the 14 month old Radeon HD 4670 in terms of power consumption and operating temperature when under load.”

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