Thanks in part to self contained watercooling products like the Corsair H5O, watercooled PCs are becoming much more common.  While the all in one solutions are easy to use, they lack the customization possibilities of self built cooling loops and the choice of pumps and radiators available to those willing to make the leap.  The major problem with trying to utilize a self built watercooling system is the possibility of leaks; a problem which is often dealt with by picking up a non-conductive liquid to fill the system with.  Most reviews of non-conductive liquid involve measuring resistance with a multimeter but Bjorn3D felt that doing so was too wimpy for them.  Read on to see an active fan controller powering fans get dunked.

“For this review, we are going to pay attention to the fluid portion of a water cooling setup. Today we have Feser One’s Non Conductive fluid to look at. Feser also has 10 different colors of fluid for users to really customize the look of their water cooling setups even more. We are going to do a comparison to our ever faithful winterized washer fluid, and compare the Feser One fluid to distilled water. Finally, the mad scientist in me will push things to the absolute limit. We are going to verify if the Feser One fluid is actually non-conductive.”

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