Logitech is trying something new with their ClearChat headset; they have gone against conventional wisdom and made it wireless.  It the advantages of most USB headsets, plugging in the USB transmitter is all that is required, there are no drivers to install, simply plug in and you are broadcasting at 2.4 GHz.  Without wires, the controls need to be moved, the mute notification LED now sits on the microphone boom its self and the volume and mute button are on the right ear piece.  This should work well with audio chats but might look a bit odd on video, and the constant draining of the batteries even in an off state means you will probably have a power cord dangling from your headset.  Drop by Benchmark Reviews to see how the quality measured up as well as what kind of wireless signal interference the headset encountered.

“Stereo headsets are becoming an essential part of any modern PC and, like keyboard and mice before them, they are finally going wireless. The freedom that a wireless headset provides will appeal to anyone, but with so many 2.4GHz wireless devices in every home, can a wireless headset really match the performance, clarity and comfort of its wired counterparts? Benchmark Reviews examines an impressive entry, the Logitech ClearChat PC Wireless Headset 981-000068, and finds out.”

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