Last week Maingear, one of the most impressive system builders for enthusiasts today, released a new computer called “The SHIFT.”  Despite having cliched lines like it being a “personal everyday supercomputer” the system looks to be damn impressive.  The chassis is obviously based on the Silverstone Raven case (you can see the similarities in our recent review) that includes a component structure that is rotated 90 degrees. 

The hardware options in the Maingear SHIFT are equally appealing as the system can be built on an P55 or X58 motherboard and Core i7 processor from Intel.  Memory ranges from 3GB to 12GB, it can hold up to 8 SSDs and liquid cooling can also be added as factory-built overclocking is available.  Pretty nice, eh?

But here is what I found interesting:

Maingear outs AMD's dual-GPU Hemlock in SHIFT - Graphics Cards 2

Notice the two graphics cards in this Maingear photo?  Notice that they are dual-GPU cards, of the type we haven’t seen before?  Looks like Maingear will be offering those oft-rumored Hemlock-based graphics cards, the Radeon HD 5970.  If nothing else, at least we know that the new card from AMD is getting closer and closer…  NVIDIA be warned!

More information and sales options for the Maingear SHIFT system can be found on Maingear’s site