Although it is very nice to see nVIDIA finally putting GDDR5 on their cards, they managed to tarnish the launch of the GT 240 by pulling a mean trick on buyers of low end cards.  There are two versions of nVIDIA’s enw low end card, a DDR3 version which runs at 2000 MHz and offers 32.0 GB/s of bandwidth and a GDDR5 version which runs at 3400MHz with 54.4 GB/s of memory bandwidth.  To add to the confusion there will be both 512MB versions and 1GB versions.  Confused yet?

At least you can see how it measures up to the two current low end cards from nVIDIA and AMD at the Guru of 3D; they’ve got the GDDR5 version.

“GeForce GT240 is designed for a the lower segment of the mainstream market and comes with support for DX10.1

GeForce GT240 comes packed with 96 shader cores and features GDDR3 memory, however if you throw in an extra tenner — you can get a 128-bit gDDR5 memory version as well — giving the card some more breathing space in terms of memory bandwidth and in the end overall performance. Wanna find out what the card is all about?”

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