Seagate’s new 2TB Barracuda XT hard drive is not quite as fast as the drive they demoed with AMD a while ago but sustained transfer rates of 138MB/s at the outer edge of the platter is nothing to sneeze at.  This still doesn’t come close to saturating the theoretical bandwidth that SATA 2.0 can offer; but is very respectable for a platter based drive.  The high amount of storage on this drive does make it a bit expensive compared to 1TB models and the speed is not top notch compared to some other high speed SATA 2.0 drives though it is still worth consideration.  Drop by The Tech Report for more information.

“Seagate’s Barracuda XT is the first hard drive to support the third-generation Serial ATA 6Gbps standard. We’ve taken a closer look at the ‘cuda, exploring its 6Gbps credentials and how the drive fares against Western Digital’s latest Caviar Black.”

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