What could be more fun than seeing just how far you can push a group of four P55 motherboards with the help of a pair of compressors to bring the temperatures down below freezing?  That is exactly what AnandTech has just finished doing.  A pair of EVGA P55 boards along with a single ASUS and Gigabyte all underwent testing.  Those with the original Foxconn socket found their deaths thanks to socket burn syndrome. All pushed an 2.93GHz i5 870 to the 5GHz mark, with 50MHz separating the top and bottom overclocks.  Check out the benchmark scores!

“Some of you asked us for scores and benchmarks showing just how far we managed to push the top P55 boards in our sub-zero cooled benchmarking (amidst socket failures) test suite. So we are here today to show how these boards fared against each other when using the same components. Be warned the results are geared more towards benchmarking fanatics and are not in any way indicative of your everyday web browsing PC needs… ”

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