Microsoft had a hope that DX10 would convince masses of gamers to migrate from WinXP to Vista.   Unfortunately, a better dynamic lighting range and slightly improved textures just wasn’t enough to convince gamers to upgrade en mass.  Part of that was hardware support but mostly it was the poor implementation of features into games, there was not a huge difference.  DX11’s arrival saw affordable hardware on the scene already and a list of games that will support it before launch.  Perhaps the biggest draw is the Heaven Benchmark, which if you have not yet seen, then you should head straight to ExtremeTech for a look.  Certainly this benchmark is optimized and we may not see this level of complexity in games initially, but it does give you a reason to think about moving to Win7 and start saving for an HD5970.

“Now that both the applicable software (Windows 7) and hardware (like AMD’s ATI Radeon HD 5970) have been released, we’re finally able to get an idea of what DirectX 11 (DX11) will really be capable of. There are only a couple of DX11 games out at the moment—BattleForge and S.TA.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat—but more are slated to hit shelves within the next couple of months, including DiRT 2 on December 1. We have, however, come across an excellent tool for demonstrating the virtues of DX11: the Heaven Benchmark.”

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