HDTach v3.0.4.0 

HD Tach will test the sequential read, random access and interface burst speeds of your attached storage device (hard drive, flash drive, removable drive, etc). All drive technologies such as SCSI, IDE/ATA, 1394, USB, SATA and RAID are supported. Test results from HD Tach can be used to confirm manufacturer specs, analyze your system for proper performance, and compare your performance with others. HD Tach is very easy to use, quick, and presents data in easy to read graphs, including the ability to compare two storage devices on screen at the same time for easy analysis.

OCZ Colossus 3.5-in Solid State Drive Review - Storage 36

Colossus bursted faster than the single Indilinx equipped units.

OCZ Colossus 3.5-in Solid State Drive Review - Storage 37

Transfer speeds show the Colossus matching others on reads while promptly walking all over them on writes.  Write speeds are 3x (!) that of every Intel MLC SSD except for the X25-M G2 160GB equipped with the 02HA firmware.  Even with the slightly unlocked write speeds, the Colossus still bests it by more than 2x on writes.

OCZ Colossus 3.5-in Solid State Drive Review - Storage 38

Given SATA commands must pass through two layers of nested SII5923 controllers, I suspected the Colossus might be slower than 0.1 ms on our Random Access Time test.  Luckily this is not the case.  We will see more on this with our new IOMeter Transaction Time testing (seen later in this article).
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