The Register has spotted an interesting product that OCZ is working on, an external SSD with a USB 3.0 connection.  From the picture in the article you can tell that this will resemble a 2.5″ drive far more than it will a thumbdrive and with the recent release of their 1TB Colossus SSD it makes sense that they chose to go with the larger form factor.  The Colossus uses SATA II and manages 260MB/sec, the USB 3.0 standard can go as high as 400MB/sec, so it offers a higher possible bandwidth than SATA II or eSATA can offer.  The speed of this drive will quite likely out perform internal drives; a very big change in the way we think about HDD performance. 

The 1TB Colossus will set you back over $3000, so expect a similar price if the new drive uses MLC flash at a similar density.  On the other hand, if OCZ chooses to take advantage of their recent deal with SandForce and produce an SLC version then the price tag will shoot up, as will the overall performance of the drive.

“The dreary wait for slow desktop and notebook booting could be halted in its tracks for those with USB 3 interfaces and and cash, as OCZ is developing a fast and large capacity USB 3 SSD.

What’s happening is that OCZ is getting together with Symwave, a supplier of USB 3.0 silicon, to add a USB 3 interface to a desktop solid state drive (SSD) it’s developing. There’s a picture of the prototype below courtesy of Daily Tech.”

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