I am a big proponent of USB 3.0 technology – I had an early test and experience with USB 3.0 hardware last month.  In that article I evaluated the performance of the ASUS P7P55D-E Premium motherboard that used the NEC 720200 USB 3.0 controller paired with a USB 3.0 HDD dock.  The results were pretty impressive:

OCZ Plans USB 3.0 based SSD for CES 2010 - Storage 3

Looking at these results, I would imagine most enthusiasts would like to see USB 3.0 sooner rather than later. 

Well an interesting post from an OCZ rep seems to indicate that USB 3.0 accessories are coming sooner rather than later.  In a post looking for help naming the product, OCZ appears to have developed a prototype USB 3.0 portable solid state drive. 

OCZ Plans USB 3.0 based SSD for CES 2010 - Storage 4

While we don’t have any other specfications at this time, this is exactly the kind of portable USB 3.0 device that we need to really push the speed limits of this new technology.  It looks like CES 2010 will be as busy a year as any for CES – they typically have a LOT of new stuff to showcase. 

Now if we can only come up with a good name…

And don’t forget, if you haven’t seen the early performance numbers from USB 3.0 devices, check out our preview here.