Apart from the obvious lack of Apple Genii, TechReviewSource has spotted a different reason to visit one of the two stores that opened in the USA.  Microsoft sells Signature Series computers that come with a minimum of preinstalled bloatware.  Bing is probably the most offensive thing on the computer, they don’t even load it with trial MS Office software, according to the information on the link.  Microsoft might not be the first brand to come to your mind when buying a new system, but maybe they should get at least some of your attention when shopping.

“One thing we hate about buying a new Windows-based computer is all the “bloatware” that comes with it. PC makers lower the cost of their computers by including trialware software from software makers, most likely security software and productivity software. Most users won’t want any of this software because it expires after a short period of time or it is software they simply don’t need. Microsoft is selling in its two retail and online stores that do not contain any of this bloatware and making the computer buying experience more streamlined and customizable for the user.”

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