So the first full day of supposed Radeon HD 5970 graphics card availability has come and gone – what do we have thus far?

Radeon HD 5970 cards - first day stock update - Graphics Cards 2

Well that’s no good – as of this writing (it’s late and I am awake after a midnight run) has five HD 5970s listed from five different vendors – none of which are in stock.  Prices on them “ranged” from $599 to $624 which is actually a bit better than I expected.  Of course, it means squat until you find them available to bring home.  Amazon doesn’t have anything in stock either. either.

We are willing to give them a few days grace period, but after that, time to get some answers!  The Radeon HD 5000-series of cards has seen too many varying delays and stock issues to just overlook at this point.