There is a new X4 965 on the market, the Rev C, which brings some interesting advancements to the CPU.  First off is the drop in TDP to 125W and the second is the implementation of new states which finally rid the CPU of the CnQ Performance Hit that many have seen.  All this adds up to a much more power efficient processor that will throw off less heat and eat less power.  All that is wonderful for HTPCs and server rooms, but the true enthusiast doesn’t mind having to build a small nuclear powerplant (pebble reactor) next to their PC in order to get a great overclock.  Does this new revision overclock well?  Just hit LOSTCIRCUITS for a pleasant surprise.

“It is not huge as in breakthrough what AMD has accomplished with the C3 Revision but it is still worth writing home about it. The two things that are noteworthy are the increased overclocking potential at “slightly altered stock settings” and the pretty dramatically reduced power consumption of the C3 revision. It is difficult to judge how much of this is caused by the hardware-based power management compared to the earlier software/firmware-base power management but the results definitely speak for themselves.”

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