What could possibly be better than an HD5970?  An HD 5970 overclocked from 725 MHz to 935 MHz on the core and from 4000MHz to 5240 MHz on the GDDR5, that’s what!  Since AMD has taken down their overvolting tool it is up to MSI’s Afterburner to bump the default 1.05V GPU core to 1.1625V, as you need more power to manage this overclock.  The Guru of 3D walks you through the perils and benefits of such a hefty overclock along with showing you all the steps you need in their article.

“When the Radeon HD 5970 launched, the product was extremely well received by the hardware enthusiast community. As we stated in our article — the product is clocked a little conservative though.

We boosted the Radeon HD 5970 Core from 725 MHz towards 935 MHz and the 4000 MHz memory is running and purring steady at 5240 MHz — and that’s a baffling result on just the reference air-cooler.

Wanna learn how we do it ?”

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