The ASUS Radeon HD 5770 Voltage Tweak Edition allows you more headroom on opening up the GPU and memory to its fast possible settings, though it still can’t help with the fact that there is less memory bandwidth available than either the 4870 or the 5870.  Finding out the limits of the card is not as dangerous as you might think, ASUS will still provide RMA for any card that fails under their SmartDoctor overclocking/overvolting tool for the entirety of the card’s three-year warranty.  In Guru3D’s testing they went from a GPU of 850MHz all the way to 1000MHz and took the memory from 4800MHz to 5620MHz, significantly faster than even the HD5870.  Drop by and see if the extra speed could overcome the lack of bandwidth in their full review.

“More and more vendors these days allow the end user to play around with GPU voltages in order to achieve higher stable overclocks. Our sample for example ships at reference (standard) 850MHz core clock frequency and 4,800MHz on the memory much like as any other Radeon HD 5770 1,024MB, but with the help of Voltage Tweaking we achieved 1,000MHz on the core clock and 5,620MHz on the memory fairly quickly.

So in this review a little recap on the Radeon HD 5770 1024MB and then of course coverage of the overclock throughout our benchmark session with the help of some extra juice.”

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