There are many rules to Star Trek, such as only watch the even numbered movies or you cannot make a good Star Trek game, unless you were very very lucky and worked on the 1992 Star Trek: 25th Anniversary game.  For the most part they ranged from the electronic equivalent of a root canal to slightly better than just quietly watching a turned off monitor.  Now thanks to Cryptic Studios, we will soon have a Star Trek MMORPG set in the J.J. Abrams version of the Trek universe.  Ship combat is the major focus but there will be hand to hand included as well.  It is hard to say which end of the spectrum this game will fall on, but the brave can get a preview at Gaming Heaven.

“The Star Trek franchise is still massively popular and developer Cryptic Studios are hoping that by involving such a rich and diverse fantasy world they will get a huge portion of the game playing public interested in their new virtual Sci-Fi based MMO universe.”

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