XFX has diversified their product line by introducing a new power supply, the 850W Black Edition.  It’s rather eye catching black and tent caterpillar guts green colouring seems very appropriate for a PSU made by a company far more well known for its graphics.  The components inside are very high quality, in [H]ard|OCP’s testing they saw efficiencies between 84.61% to 87.49% at 120v and the DC output quality ‘ShamWow’ed them … in a good way.  This PSU is definitely worth checking out.

“XFX jumps into the PSU market at the 850 watt mark which has proven to be the toughest watermark for many manufacturers when it comes to building a truly outstanding power supply. We have seen many fail here. Can XFX pull it off and continue to diversify its product lines while keeping the trust of the enthusiast?”

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