Final Thoughts and Conclusions
The Antec CP series power supplies occupy a nitch market because of their larger form factor and as a result they can only currently be used in only three Antec cases.  Overall the CP-1000 proved to be a good PSU and its main strengths are virtual silence at mid to lower power levels at an affordable price.  AC ripple suppression is excellent and the overall efficiency is good.  Unfortunately, voltage regulation suffers a little on the +3.3V and +5V rails and only 840W of the total 1,000W output capacity is available on the combined +12V rails. 

The Antec CP-1000 power supply can be found online for around $159.00 USD, which is fairly cost effective for a 1,000W PSU. 

Antec CP-1000 Power Supply Review - The CPX Form Factor - Cases and Cooling 36

•    1,000W continuous DC output (up to 50°)
•    Very quiet; virtually silent when operating below 500W DC output
•    Good efficiency across a broad range of loads
•    Low AC ripple and noise on the DC outputs
•    Four +12V output can deliver up to 70A combined load
•    Four PCI-E connectors support high-end graphic adapters
•    Active PFC with universal AC input
•    80-Plus and NVIDIA SLI-ready certified
•    Good price-to-performance ratio
•    AQ5 – Antec Quality 5-Year parts and labor warranty

•    The CPX form factor is currently only compatible with a few Antec cases
•    Average DC voltage regulation
•    Only 840W of the total 1,000W capacity is available on the +12V outputs

I would like to thank our friends at Antec for sending us the CP-1000 PSU to review.  Be sure to use our price checking engine to find the best price on any of Antec’s great products or anything else you may want to buy! 

And if you have any questions or comments about the article, or would like to see what others have to say about Antec’s CP-1000 PSU, just click into our Case, Cooling and Power Supply forum to join in the discussion!

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