An interesting story at Arstechnica is talking about that thing that always seems to make the news: the Apple tablet.  Sure, no one has actually seen it and stories about it are as common as crime in New York, but hey, why not bring it up again, right?

This time, the news is from an anonymous comment from an Apple executive that gives more credence to the tablet product:

“I can’t really say anything,” he said, “but, let’s just say Steve is extremely happy with the new tablet.”

Well then.  If he is happy, then is has to NOT suck, right?  The Ars story goes on to get more quotes from other former employees and engineers about the tablet and how “you will be very surprised how you interact with the new tablet” and a multi-touch patent holder telling them that an Apple tablet has been in development since 2003 in some form.

Apple's Jobs is "happy" with that tablet product that doesn't exist - Mobile 2

I do think that Apple has an ability to revolutionize the markets they enter in a way that no one else can, though at a price tag and big-headedness that puts off many consumers.  Can we just see the dam thing already and get it over with?  And no, don’t expect this at CES – Apple likes to have all the attention on itself for these types of things.