While NVIDIA may be facing some issues with their Fermi GPU and getting ION (or even ION 2) into your netbook, their Tegra line continues to gain wins in portable mobile devices. The latest rumour is an Asus Eee tablet to be announced in March 2010 that will use some form of Tegra chip (likely a Tegra 2, but who knows). The details are scant, and we don’t have any official word from Asus about their plans.

Could it be the Tegra tablet that Jimmy Fallon was using the other night or something completely different?

We’ll be hitting Asus up for some answers… otherwise expect to hear something at CES in January.

Asus Preparing Eee Tablet with Tegra - Mobile 2
“Whether ASUS is going to use the first or 2nd Tegra generation remains to be seen. However, due to the late Launch dte (not before March 2010), our money is on Tegra 2. We still don’t know what kind of operating system it will have or what kind of display. However, Multitouch is as good as confirmed, and Windows CE can also be ruled out. So that doesn’t leave many alternatives. ASUS maybe planning to aim for the cloud, perhaps inspired by Jolicloud or even Chrome OS?”