Cryo is a UK based custom computer shop with some good taste in components and a willingness to overclock.  Their Cryo Quad is housed in a Lian Li PC7-YCF case and features a Core i5 50 CPU running 4GHz kept cool by a Corsair H50 cooler as well as 4GB of Corsair GT PC3-12800 and a BFG GTX295.  Join Elite Bastards as they benchmark every piece of this system.

“With regard to our specific configuration however, at the heart of the Core Quad we find a sensible choice – Intel’s latest Core i5 750 CPU, overclocked by hand to a speed of around 4GHz to offer up a huge amount of raw processing power without breaking the bank on a Core i7 part or the like. To guarantee those high clock speeds, we also find our Quad outfitted with ASUS’ Republic of Gamers Maximus III Formula and a 4GB of Corsair RAM with a fair amount of overclocking potential itself.

Graphics come courtesy of NVIDIA’s current flagship, dual GPU GeForce GTX 295 (the latest, single PCB version incidentally) in lieu of Radeon HD 5800/5900 series stock, while that heavily overclocked CPU finds itself cooled by Corsair’s effective H50 water cooling solution. Corsair also provide the power supply for this rig, via a 650 Watt unit that is just about ample for this specification. Samsung’s lightining fast (for a regular hard drive) and spacious 1TB F3 hard disk makes up the Quad’s storage capabilities, while the entire rig finds itself encased within Lian Li’s simple yet elegant PC7-YCF aluminium chassis. Throw in a copy of Windows 7 Home Premium in its 64-bit flavour and a DVD writer, and you have yourself one complete PC raring and ready to go – Just add the peripherals you need.”

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