Enermax really wanted some serious airflow in their new Phoenix Neo case, which is why you will find a pair of 120mm fans along with a 250mm fan on the side.  They even included openings for watercooling if you want to keep your components even cooler.  The case offers a mix of features for $70, though some of the higher end tricks, like a removable motherboard tray are absent.  OCMODSHOP can give you all the details in their full review.

“A generation ago the only way to tell the difference between a high end gaming PC and a beige office box was by looking inside. Today PC gamers want to brand their gear as fashionable as gaming consoles, so everyone knows what’s up. There are no shortages of gaming computer cases, and because there are so many there are lots of bad choices. From my own personal experience I have discovered that an innovative design does not directly translate into a quality chassis. You really want to pick a case from a company that has been around the block a few times.

Enermax is one of those companies that have been around for a while, and consitently produce quality computer components, so you can be pretty confident that any case you buy from them isn’t going to be crap. One of their new cases geared for the PC gaming enthusiast is the Phoenix Neo, and it not only looks good but sports some interesting features that deserve a double take.”

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