The networked mobile worker of today is still very much tied down with recharging cables for all the various devices that they use.  About the most flexible recharging option is the USB cable, but even though many devices can be recharged that way there are a number that can’t.  This has lead to a market in rechargers capable of delivering a variety of amperage and voltage along with a number of connectors to fit the varied plugs.  Legit Reviews checks out the Callpod Chargepod 6-Way charger, which is not only flexible but also able to charge multiple devices at a time.  You may need to pick up an extra adaptor or two to cover all of your bases, but with over 3,000 different compatible devices that might not be the case.

“The Chargepod worked like a charm and reduced all of the cables we had around the office down to just one. The only downside to the Chargepod would be price, but when you think about it most families have thousands of dollars worth of electronics. Spending $39.99 on the Callpod Chargepod Value Pack and then $9.95 for extra cables isn’t really that big of a price to pay for the convenience that offers. Not only that, but it might also reduce the chances of you getting hurt from tripping over all those charger cables you have in your house…”

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