Unlike the Intel we once knew, this iteration of the company is apparently not shy about sharing its plans for processor releases.  Intel has now publicly come out and said that their next generation of budget processors, known as Clarkdale and Arrandale (for desktop and mobile platforms, respectively), are going to be released at CES on January 7th.  Both processors are built on the Westmere core under a 32nm process technology and will be the first high performance CPUs to integrate graphics on the same chip. 

Intel Westmere CPUs will be released on January 7th, CES 2010 - Processors 3

These new processors will have two different dies – the smaller one is a dual-core HyperThreaded CPU while the larger holds the integrated memory controller and integrated graphics technology.  What impact integrated graphics will have on power consumption and how much of a different moving the memory controller AWAY from the CPU by one hop will make will all be revealed in our review on January 7th.

Intel Westmere CPUs will be released on January 7th, CES 2010 - Processors 4

Check out the Intel media alert if you are interested in viewing a live stream of the announcement the first day of CES.

Jan. 7-10, 2010 – (Opening-day Intel Corporation highlights include a “32-nanometer-minute” press conference where Intel will “exercise its Core™,” and a keynote by President and CEO Paul Otellini; details below)


2010 International Consumer Electronics Show at Las Vegas Convention Center; Intel booth at Central Hall #7153


Press Conference Details:

    * A major news event at CES will be Intel Corporation’s introduction of its upcoming Intel® Core™ processor family for laptop and desktop buyers, delivering such unique features as Intel® Turbo Boost Technology1 to the mainstream markets.
          o 7:30-8:02 a.m. Jan. 7 at the Intel booth, Central Hall #7153
          o Event during pre-show hours; enter through exterior C2 Lobby


Intel’s big focus will be on innovation, personal Internet and “everything computes”:

    * Check out all-new Core notebooks, netbooks, MIDs, embedded Intel Architecture, Health Reader, WiMAX, Intel® Centrino® and more.
    * Get the latest on wireless Internet, 3-D, HD, Smarter Phones, TVs and other devices.
    * Learn about all the firsts Intel can achieve via its unique 32nm manufacturing process.
    * See how Intel® Turbo Boost Technology1 dynamically delivers optimal performance and energy efficiency.