Intel has stated that that $1.25 billion payout to AMD to bring an end to the legal battle between the two processor companies is not going to have an effect on their research budget.  Of course they also state that their business practices “have and will continue to be fair, lawful and pro-competitive”, an assertion that seems a little odd considering the legal battles Intel has lost recently because of their so called lawful business practices.  The DigiTimes story also touches on the topic of conditional agreements; the heart of AMD’s claims that Intel is limiting their market share by forcing OEMs into purchasing Intel chips solely.  It will be a while before we see if there will be any changes to Intel’s business plan or if their success means that they can easily afford possible fines for practices that are incredibly profitable while they remain in place.

“Sources in Taiwan’s notebook industry are claiming that one consequence of the recent agreement between Intel and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) to end all outstanding legal disputes between them is that Intel has significantly reduced its market development fund (MDF) budget.”

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