Ryan has a new system, as his own rig was falling far behind his testbed and it is time for an upgrade.  He recorded his system build so that PC Perspective members who want can follow along to see his component choices and the actual steps he took to go from boxed components to a working PC.  Check out this thread for a link to the video and you can also take the opportunity to drop him a few comments in the forum thread.  Of course he isn’t the only one sharing the pain and pleasure that comes from a new build.

In the modding forum, a member is about to unleash their collection of spray paint on an unsuspecting mouse, while in the Graphics Forum several members are bemoaning the scarcity of AMD GPUs, especially the 5xxx series.  Have you seen them in stockIn the Linux forum, the exploration of a DVD drive problem has escalated into new and strange areas. The Gaming Forum is also active, not because of problems but because of the diverse amount of new games.

Also of note, the newest Podcast, only 2 days old, has been posted up in both audio only as well as the often slightly disturbing video and audio version.  There was a lot to talk about this week, including some sweet, sweet lemonade.