You thought you had heard the last, at least until an open source mod is made, but you were wrong.  Duke Nukem has raised his aged head once more, this time on Facebook with a grand total of one screen shot.  Perhaps that is all you need to raise the hopes of Duke junkies, especially those whose main gaming system is an Xbox or PlayStation.  If you want to witness the continuing slow motion train wreck that this franchise has become, or if you are a true believer, then follow the link from HEXUS for a look at the single screenshot that is D-Day.

“A new Facebook profile shows what appears to be a screenshot of a new Duke Nukem game, currently titled Duke Nukem D-Day.

There was a game called Duke Nukem D-Day apparently in development in 2001 for the PlayStation 2 but it was cancelled “due to lack of sufficient progress.” Could this be a current-gen version of that very game? “

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