At 1200W the Topower Tiger is certainly at the top of the charts when it comes to the amount of power it can deliver a system, but unfortunately that is not enough to make it a great power supply.  The XLR style modular cabling is a very unique and handy feature, as are the included ties but the key is the quality of power that the PSU delivers.  In this case the performance was quite good, delivering solid power without much in the way of a ripple.  As to the question of its efficiency, Overclockers Club had some interesting findings.

“A mixed bag in the electrical performance stakes. The DC regulation is exceptional with the 12V rail only dropping 20mV when taken from 0 to over 80 amps! Efficiency and power factor levels are very good but not quite up to the claimed 80 Plus certification following the OCC testing methodology. I will mention at this stage the claimed 80 Plus and Nvidia SLI Ready certification of which I can find no evidence, at the time of writing this review, on the 80 Plus Org or Nvidia websites.”

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