The Nokia N900 is not your average cell phone, for one thing it is running Maemo 5, a flavour of Debian and it has a prominent X Terminal icon that gives you access to a fully functional command line.  The apps are not only developed by you, the people of Nokia are working on programs for kite aerial photography, an Etch-A-Sketch, light graffiti, a wearable compass, and skateboarding. If you are serious about using an open source phone which may spawn a huge online community of programmers then drop by ExtremeTech.
“There are either 11 apps or thousands of apps available for the N900. . . . By default, the App Manager only shows 11 available apps. . . [but by] expanding the phone’s available “repositories” . . . you can find and download various other apps. More apps are kicking around the Internet as .deb packages. You can even install a full version of Debian on the tablet. . . . If [that] is your idea of a fun Saturday night, this is the Best Phone Ever. If not, you get 11 apps.”

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