HEXUS is investigating the performance of an LGA1156 processor with different memory.  They try two different DDR3-1600 kits, one with 4GB and one with 8GB along with a DDR3-2133 kit.  In their testing they found very little difference in performance, perhaps because current DDR3 has pretty much saturated what a P55 board can handle.  Take a look and see if you really want to spend those extra $$$ on a faster or bigger kit.

“Assuming that the choice falls for an Intel Lynnfield chip on the LGA1156 form factor, which is entirely plausible, users will be left requiring either two or four modules of DDR3 RAM for their 5- series motherboard.

We take a look at three such DDR3 kits, constituted by different capacities and speeds. Find out whether it’s worth paying for 4GB of DDR3-2,133 RAM, or if 8GB of DDR3-1,600 is a better fit. “

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