Netbook weary consumers take note, the next war in the mobile PC market is likely the tablet PC. With inexpensive OS alternatives, cheaper LCDs, proliferation of multi-touch components, and a recovering economy, you’ll likely find manufacturers looking to expand their budget offerings.

To point, Dell is likely to announce an Android powered tablet at this year’s CES. Apple has been rumoured to have an iTablet in the works for ages. Archos already has the Archos 9 PCTablet, and JooJoo just announced their’s.

With some big PC manufacturers entering the Netbook game late, you can bet they won’t make the same mistake with the resurgence of tablets. Often the early entrants into the market become the standard for better or worse (like how Asus’ Eee quickly became *the* brand), so there’s a lot at stake.

From Pocket Lint:
“Details so far are thin on the ground, but our multiple “black ops sources” tell us that it will feature a 5-inch screen, run the Android OS and be coming to the UK in the new year, with a more than likely announcement expected at CES 2010 in Las Vegas.”

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