@ Intel – While most companies prefer calling employees into an office to give them a pink slip, Intel prefers to fire their employees by shooting them from a cannon.

Tech News Bento Box - Dec. 17, 2009 - General Tech 6

@ Engadget – Despite problems getting enough Nooks delivered to customers and dealing with a backlog, those lucky few who have their Barnes & Noble reader can now enjoy Facebook, Twitter, and web browsing thanks to a hack revealed earlier this week.

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@ Cloned in China – I’m always interested in finding a decent PMP that can play nearly any media I can throw at it. Enter the MSI MT-V660, it plays H.264, DivX, FLAC, Ogg and more. No word on pricing, but I have a feeling it’ll be cheaper than the Zune HD.

@ Intel – Not that you can tell that there was an i5 or i7 CPU by the pictures, but Intel has announced the winners the winners of the Intel Core Custom Challenge. Some pretty sweet case mods there, and a lot of inspiration. The case with a water feature is pretty fun – add some Sea Monkeys and you’re all set!

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DOHC’s Dragon – Stage II Contestant in the
Asus Xtreme Design Contest.

@ PCPerspective Forums – Don’t forget about our very own Asus Xtreme Design Contest. There are some pretty great designs in there! Come cheer on our Stage 2 finalists and as they complete their mods for a prize of free gear and a trip to CES 2010 to show off their rig!

@ PCPerspective – While we’re on the topic of case mods, if you don’t have time to do one yourself, but want something special, check out Craig’s review of ThermalTake’s Level 10. Thanks to Craig, a reader of PCPerspective, for spending the time to write the article and sharing his thoughts.

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@ Overclockers.com – Overclockers.com has a really informative article on short-stroking your RAID array. Basically you find your HDD’s sweet spot and create a RAID array occupying that physical location. Hit up the article for the details on how to do this for your own array.

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@ Bit-tech– Lastly before we go, you owe it to yourself to see this. West Australian Jarrah Wood + Skills = one amazing computer case. I think this raises the bar for elegant yet functional case designs. Serious props to the wizard behind this mod.  (Not linking to any images here… don’t want to steal the thunder).