After posting the first Bento Box on Thursday, someone asked me what a Bento Box was. A Bento Box is a traditional Japanese lunch where the meal is compartmentalized into different portions. This way you get a variety of distinct flavours in one meal. So with that backgrounder, it’s time for another installment of the Tech Bento Box.

Tech News Bento Box - Dec 21, 2009 - General Tech 3

@ Wallstreet Journal: Sony and RealD 3D are teaming up to bring 3D equipment in to your home. I personally don’t quite understand this whole renewed fascination with 3D. They’ve tried in the 80s and 90s, but both times failed to latch on – is history doomed to repeat itself? What do you all think about this whole 3D phenomenon?

@Fujitsu, and Engadget: With Pinetrail officially announced, vendors are coming out of the woodwork (pun definitely intended) to announce their Pine-scented wares. Fujitsu has announced their LifeBook MH380 and adds an extra scroll controller for good measure, while Dell reveals their new Mini 10.

@i4u: It seems the world can’t get enough of thin LCDs. LG has announced the world’s slimmest LCD measuring just 2.6mm thick. No world on inputs or features, but you can bet that it’s just a dummy display and all extra functionality will need to be external and purchased separately. More details at CES 2010. Just last year at CES 2009, Samsung announced their world’s slimmest LCD at 6.5mm.

@ Akihabara News:What can’t the iPhone do? It seems that nearly every application you can think of has been adapted to be controlled from your iPhone. Akihabara news shows us the Universal Remote attachment for iPhones / iPod Touch. I don’t know about you, but I’m not tossing out my Harmony Remote any time soon.

Tech News Bento Box - Dec 21, 2009 - General Tech 4

@ BoingBoing:You think you’re a pretty fast typer? This girl can type 119 words per minute. It’s safe to say you should never get into an argument with her over IM – you’ll never get in a word edgewise.

@ Know your Meme:The chances are if you’re reading PCPerspective, you’re pretty up on your Internet memes. You survived the dark “All your base” days, and perhaps partaking in a good FAIL now and then. But do you find your friends clueless when you toss out a hearty “FTW” during a conversation? Here’s something to help your uneducated acquaintances. Let’s start with “Om-nom-nom” and work our way up to geek obsession with Pedobear (hmmm… that didn’t sound right).