Wacom Bamboo Tablet


  • Two sensors for precise pen and Multi-Touch input
  • Use a single finger for navigation and multiple fingers for gestures
  • Simple gestures make it easy to scroll, zoom, rotate, move backward or forward
  • Pressure-sensitive pen tip for natural pen and brush strokes
  • Battery-free, ergonomic pen with two switches
  • Textured work surface for a pen-on-paper feel
  • Quick access to user-defined shortcuts with four ExpressKeys™
  • Attached fabric pen loop conveniently stores pen
  • Easy USB connection to Mac or PC, laptop or desktop
  • Interactive tutorial helps you learn gestures and make the most of your Bamboo
  • Included in the package with every Bamboo Pen & Touch:
    – Adobe® Photoshop® Elements 7.0 Win/6.0 Mac for editing, retouching, enhancing and sharing digital photos
    – Nik® Color Efex Pro™ 3.0 WE3 for selectively applying lighting and photo enhancements with the pen


Wacom Intuos4 and Bamboo Tablets Review - General Tech 43

The Bamboo Pen and Touch tablet comes packaged in a handsome rectangular enclosure that has a wonderful studio photo of the Bamboo itself as well as an awesome graphic behind it which really makes the front panel pop. They didn’t waste any of this space trying to highlight any of the tablet’s features, but kept it clean so the consumer’s eye would focus directly on the product itself.


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The back panel is where Wacom lists all of the Bamboo’s features and basic specifications. I like their marketing scheme when they showcase the tablet’s feature set because it takes a creative design approach that is very popular among graphic designers and artists. It’s easy for consumers to understand and grasp the basic concepts that make the Bamboo stand out as a beginner’s digital art tablet.


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After removing the exterior sleeve that had the Bamboo’s flashy marketing info, I got my first look at how the Bamboo was packaging inside. The interior of the retail packaging is pretty standard and includes a molded egg-carton type of packing material that seems to do a great job of securing the product. They also covered the Bamboo in a soft, foam-like cover, which I’ve seen used on many products where vendors wanted to ensure the product didn’t get accidentally scratched. Overall, the retail packaging is pretty exceptional and also added a bit of flare that I’m sure consumers will appreciate

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The Bamboo comes with a host of excellent programs including Photoshop Elements and Nik Color Efex Pro 3.0. they also included a quick start guide and installation CD.



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The Bamboo tablet measures in at a little over 13 inches overall, but the usable workspace for drawing is about 8.5 inches. That’s a decent amount of space for beginners and great for those working on smaller digital art projects.


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Here’s a close-up shot of the active workspace. The surface has a light texture feel to it, but for the most part it is pretty smooth. Users can change out pen tips that will give them the feel of a pen, pencil, or marker. The white box in the inside of the workspace is actually the “active” space users can utilize for drawing and shading.


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Wacom included four ExpressKeys that users can customize with a variety of shortcuts that they can add to their individual workflows. These buttons are huge time savers to perform repetitive actions in Photoshop and Illustrator.


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The Bamboo is pretty lightweight and only a few millimeters tall in height. It has rounded edges around the entire tablet so it is comfortable when you are drawing or shading for extended periods of time. Wacom also included a handle fabric pen holder on the left side of the tablet.


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The bottom of the Bamboo has the model number and serial number of the product. It also has four small rubber feet to secure the tablet to almost any surface. This is pretty important when you are drawing with precision because the tablet would be less efficient if it slide around a glass desk or other smooth surfaces.


Wacom Intuos4 and Bamboo Tablets Review - General Tech 52

The pen itself is extremely light and includes a rocker-type button that can be used to switch brush sizes and other functions in different programs. The feel of the pen is pretty flimsy when compared to the pen bundled with the Intuos4 we received, but this is definitely to be expected when they are several hundred dollars in price separating these two products.


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Wacom also included three different pen tips and a tip extractor, which will come in handy to swap out these tiny tips.



Tablet Dimensions: (WxH) 9.8″ x 6.9″ (249mm x 175mm)
Active Area – Touch: (WxH) 4.9″ x 3.4″ (124mm x 86mm)
Active Area – Pen: (WxH) 5.8″ x 3.6″ (147mm x 91mm)
Pressure Levels: 1024
Resolution: 2540 lpi (lines per inch)
Max Data Rate: 133 pps
Accuracy: +/- .02 in (+/- 0.5 mm)
Connectivity: Standard USB
Orientation: Reversible for right- or left-handed users 

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