Installation and Configuration



Installing either the Intuos4 professional tablet or Bamboo pen and touch tablet are both standard forward processes that can be achieved within minutes. Wacom included an installation CD that includes all the files a user will need to get their new tablet up and running in no time.


Wacom Intuos4 and Bamboo Tablets Review - General Tech 43

This is the first screen users see when they pop in the installation CD into their computer. There are several resources other than the installation program like a useful tutorial, user’s manual, tips and tricks on using the Intuos4, and other technical notes that might be helpful to advanced users.


Wacom Intuos4 and Bamboo Tablets Review - General Tech 44

The Bamboo has a similar screen that comes up after accessing the installation CD. I think the only difference in these CDs is that the Intuos4 includes a tips and tricks section, but the Bamboo only has the basic user manual to help users answer questions or to help with troubleshooting the unit.


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After clicking on “Install Tablet” on both installation screens, users are asked if they want to use the tablet in a left or right-handed configuration. This question is answered by simply pressing on the appropriate radio box below both configurations. Users should also take into account the position of the ExpressKeys for both orientations. Wacom built in the ability for these tablets to be switched around depending on tablet orientation.


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After successfully installation the drivers and software for both tablets, users are now ready to go into the tablet properties and adjust their ExpressKeys, touch ring (Intuos4 only), display toggle, and radial menu. All of these options help users get the most out of their tablet and increase their productivity at the same time.

Installing the software and necessary drivers for both tablets was a snap and only two a couple minutes a piece to complete. There will be additional time added on to install the bundled software like Photoshop Elements, but that will be done on a case-by-case basis depending upon user needs. I appreciated the simplicity of the installation process and I’m sure most consumers will not want a lot of hands-on options during installation. I’m glad they left most of the advanced features in the tablet properties screen for those advanced users who needs to tweak each part of the tablet to tailor it to the functions they need them to accomplish depending upon each program.


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