The new Mionix gaming mouse is called the Saiph 1800, strangely it is indeed an 1800DPI mouse, with 7 buttons and oversized Teflon feet.  It is fairly large, about the same size as the Razer Death Adder and the 2m cord should allow you free movement while gaming.  Hi-Tech Reviews took it out for a spin and were impressed with the mouse its self, but were a little unhappy at the lack of a dead tree manual or a driver on optical media in the box with the mouse.

“The item that we use the most is often the most overlooked when it comes to quality. How many people do you know that are still using the same PS2 mouse that came with their system or they have re-cycled it to the newer system they purchased. Today we are checking out a high DPI mouse from our friends at Mionix, it is their model Saiph 1800 and as you might have guessed the 1800 in the name is the top resolution for the mouse.”

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