The Dell UltraSharp U2711 is a 27″, 2560×1440 LCD with a pair of dual-link DVI inputs, HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA, component and composite inputs so no matter what you are connecting to this monitor, it will talk to it.  There are also several USB ports and handy flash memory reader.

The inclusion of a DisplayPort input is a big plus for anyone who wants to run EyeFinity with 3 monitors.  At first glance this panel seems similar to the 27″ Apple iMac, but the similarity is skin deep, the underlying technology is quite different.  AnandTech found that the display wasn’t quite up to the standards a graphic artist would demand but for gaming and movies they were impressed with the viewing angle and the quality of the images.  Definitely worth a look!

“The latest offering in the U-series is the U2711, a 27″ beauty sporting extremely impressive features. For starters, it has an IPS panel, but this isn’t your granddad’s IPS panel. The U2711 has an extremely high resolution 2560×1440 panel – similar to the panel that’s used in the Apple 27″ iMac. Notice that we highlighted the word similar? That’s because the two panels aren’t identical; the glass might be the same, but there are definitely differences.”

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