The OCZ Agility 60GB tries to straddle two worlds of SSDs.  At $200 for 60GB it is rather inexpensive and thanks to the use of the Indilinx controller it is not crippled for speed or features.  When Neoseeker ran it through their battery of tests they found that while the drive did not live up to the advertising it came close and the difference between it and a platter based drive were marked.  Drop by if you can’t quite afford Intel’s offerings, but still want an SSD that flies. 


Mail in rebates aren’t our favourite here at PC Perspective, but knocking another $30 off to make the drive $170 is impressive!

“With the Agility, OCZ has the most affordable SSD built around the Indilinx controller, which nets you the all important TRIM command under Windows 7, and the currently available $30 mail-in-rebate only sweetens the deal.”

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