The classic PC Perspective podcast crew is back this week in the 90th episode, where the big news we covered was, nVIDIA’s long overdue update to its GPU, or GPGPU depending on how you look at it.  That is not all that was covered, there is a good 80 minutes of coverage.  Those of you who use Chrome can also benefit from a nice little upgrade at Vimeo, an HTML 5 player.  Past episodes, such as last weeks can be more easily viewed thanks to the ability to abandon Flash.  Look down to the bottom and to the right of the player window and press the button marked “Switch to HTML 5 player”, after a few seconds buffering you have the freedom to jump around the hour long show without having to wait.  Try it yourself by loading up the podcast and immediately jump to the 50 minute mark or so.

There is more to PC Perspective than just our front page and the podcast; if you haven’t dropped by the forums lately you are just seeing the tip of the iceberg.  In the Overclocking Forum you can grab advice for getting the mostout of your new parts as well as tips on breathing life into older systems.   Even if you aren’t trying to overclock and just want a piece of kit to perform as advertised, we have you covered.  You don’t have to have a problem, maybe you are curious about an aspect of the PC industry or need advice on a new system build, whatever the reason drop by and visit!  

There are also chances to help out with research, for instance at this moment Ryan is trying to track down a problem he has been seeing while he has been benchmarking AMD HD5xxx series cards.  Sometimes he sees visual noise and distortions when using these cards and wonders if anyone else has as well.

On the other hand, if you are just looking to relax at a virtual bar, or debate the great topics of the day then we have you covered.  If nothing else, you can pas the time in the Off Topic Forum where there is always something to look at.