Now, you might not have liquid Nitrogen just kicking around the house, but if you did; would it not be nice to be able to use it for overclocking?  While many competitive overclockers make their own pots for the LN to sit in, getting hold of a CNC machine is often even less likely than having a big tub of LN.  That has opened up a market for prebuilt pots, just as watercooling has switched from homebrewed solutions to the premade systems like those from Danger Den.  The Koolance CPU-LN2 Rev2 Liquid Nitrogen Pot is being examined at Legit Reviews, drop by for a look at some heavy overclocking and extreme cooling.

“Liquid nitrogen performance on the Koolance CPU-LN2 Rev2 Pot is so far improved that it is surprising the Rev1 and Rev2 came from the same company. The rather radical change in design is responsible for this excellent LN2 performance and with a few more tweaks will really fly with heavy loads. Intel’s upcoming Gulftown hex-core processors have already been shown to run hotter than current Bloomfield quad-core processors but I feel the CPU-LN2 Rev2 will easily handle the upcoming Intel six-core Gulftown processors…”

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