Whether you are setting up an HTPC, upgrading your stereo or picking up a new TV, it is a good idea to think about connections before you start.  The chances are you will have multiple inputs to worry about; as an example a PC with a TV tuner may output the sound to a TV via an HDMI connection, while using an S/PDIF or optical connection to send audio directly to the stereo receiver.  Digital Trends includes and goes beyond such matters in their new article with suggestions on matching your receiver to the requirements of your Blu-ray player and ensuring that the speakers you purchase match as well.  That and more advice can be had by following the link.

“As if it weren’t bad enough having to shell out thousands for a hot home theater system, here’s the hidden catch so many often overlook. Sometimes it can be even tougher figuring out what equipment is compatible with other components when you are putting together your living room setup. Thankfully, in this short guide, we provide several handy tips for assembling a home theater that will make you feel like you’re at the movies without blowing a fuse during installation.”

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